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Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014

Running on the Constitution Party against Speaker of the House John Boehner -
Send Washington a Message  * Mailing Address: PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211



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The Radio Ads Strategy

Why the Largest AM TALK Radio Stations Have to Air My Messages!





Affiliate Sign Up
become one of the those on the "Front Line" working to raise the money to reach the people, to implement the Effective Action Steps, to save the country









    $3245 donated;    $ 4,500 to go   72% to goal of $4500 by Oct 30, 2014  - (More info on progress under video below)
Back up documentation, especially on 9-11 False Flag in left hand column at "Videos / Audios" and "Documentation"

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Participate in LIVE Radio Show and Facebook Event -

 And -- Listen Live Sun Nite, Nov 2, 2014, 10 PM EST 550 AM in Midwest, or worldwide
Join us LIVE Sunday, Nov 2, 2014 on at 10PM EST for the "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014" radio show.  LISTEN, CHAT & ASK QUESTIONS at our Facebook Page EVENT at - Nicky Nelson & Judy Spady  will join Jim & read some of your questions LIVE ON AIR! *****

Watch Below Video and Help Me Reach Millions By Election Day Thru my
Congressional Campaign -- via Pro-Palestinian and "Prevent another 9-11" Radio Ads -- on the largest Midwest Radio Stations. The Radio Ads will run the last two weeks before the Nov 4, 2014 election day. Donate at button below Video; See progress report above, and more below the Donate Link under the Thermometers.
 If you knew how much the radio station owners and the powers behind them hated these ads  - you'd all be excited. The "powers that be" want EVERY MINUTE of air time. They know how important and dangerous to their agenda such radio ads potentially are, even if so many on our side do not yet see it. Thanks.
MOBILE PHONES AND DEVICES! Here is the YouTube Link:



Donate to This Year's Radio Ads Campaign
and Future "Total Victory" Strategy
Time dictates we have to raise a large portion of the $15,000 almost right now, but donations are welcome and can be used effectively right up to November 2, 2014 -- two days before the election. See "Reaching Millions" and "Reasonable Access Law" links in left hand column on how and why this strategy works. See Progress Towards Goal Below.

~ ~ ~ ~ Progress Report Toward Fundraising Goal for these Radio Ads~ ~ ~ ~

 Progress Report towards Goal for Palestinian Radio Ads by Nov 4, 2014; Money Bomb Started 7 PM EST, Oct 8, 2014
   $3245 donated;    $ 1255 to go
  71% to goal of $4500  hope to reach $4500 by Oct 30, 2014;
 updated 9:00 AM EST, Tues, October 28, 2014. Thanks to all. 
Mailing Address: Jim Condit Jr. for Congress, PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


Please spread around Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media. 1000 people x $15; 150 people x $100; 15 x $1000 will make the goal so we can run 2 weeks of saturation ads (1 and hour) on the largest AM Talk Radio stations in the heart of American in the last two weeks of election 2014. Largest donation allowed per person: $2500 -- must be an American citizen to donate to my congressional campaign. If you are not an American citizen, you can help by sending a check to our educational campaign at Network America, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

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 S Send a Powerful Message to Washington -- Vote Constitution Party  
If You Live in the 8th Congressional District of Ohio
which includes all of Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami, and Preble counties, and the southernmost part of Mercer County) where Speaker of the House John Boehner is the incumbent, ask for the Constitution Party ballot for the upcoming May 6th Primary, and vote for Jim Condit Jr., the Constitution Party Candidate for Congress in the 8th District. Several thousand, even several hundred, citizens doing this -- will send a powerful message to John Boehner and Washington: "We want more backbone in standing up for the true Freedoms of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!" 
(The Constitution Party Platform is linked below on this page.) 
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Below was what we ran for the May 2014 Primary
Help us reach and mobilize millions over the largest Talk Radio Stations --
and Take Back America with the Total Victory Strategy.
Video For General Election Coming Soon

 Calling all USA Citizens! --Help us with our Campaign's pre-Primary goal:

The Spring Primary in Ohio and many other states is on May 6, 2014. We want to put on
a two hour radio show from 10 PM to 12 PM est on May 4th, 2014 on WKRC-AM radio (550 AM)
which is a 50,000 Watt Station in Cincinnati, Ohio. (The program will also be able to be heard worldwide on the internet at -- This station carries Glenn Beck, Rush, Hannity, Dave Ramsey, and Mark Levin on weekdays. The program will be sponsored by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014. The guest for the two hours will be former Congressman Jim Traficant, who has just founded a new national organization, Freedom Project USA, to abolish the IRS and replace it with a 15% sales tax -- AND -- to "divorce" the FED and replace it with an honest National Monetary Office under Congress, to issue interest-free money for our nation, as the Founding Fathers envisioned. This new organization complements beautifully the Seven Point Plan for Total Victory found at website. It would be good if 50 to 100 people would now donate $25 to $50 so we could raise $600 for the two hour radio program, and about $1000 to put on one minute radio ads in the days leading up to May 4th -- to advertise this exciting radio program to the general public in the midwest. Then the radio show will go up on YouTube for listening worldwide.
Use the link right below to donate online, or mail to our Campaign PO Box listed below.

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Donate to the Radio Ads Campaign

Help Us get These Censorship-Busting Messages To the Public over the Largest Talk Radio shows which carry Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. To force the big radio Radio Stations to run these ads, they must be placed THROUGH candidates for Congress, or other federal candidates. See the "Reaching Millions" and "Reasonable Access Law" links in the left hand column for full explanation of this little known law. Your donation at the above link will go to Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014, and he will force the stations to run the ads and 1 hr radio programs; Condit is running against Speaker of the House John Boehner for US Congress in the 8th district of Ohio. This is the only affordable way for citizens to band together behind a Congressional Candidateto break through Big Media Censorship.

-- Or you can use regular mail to contribute:
Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014
PO Box 11555, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
email:; phone: 513-741-2095



Jim Condit Jr. is running for Congress on the Constitution Party vs. Speaker of the House John Boehner.
To send Washington a Message, to send the Republican Party as message that we want leadership with a backbone that fights for the rights of the People to WIN! -- Vote for (if you live in Ohio Congressional District 8) and donate (if you are a US citizen) to Jim Condit Jr. For Congress 2014. Money will be used to air Radio ads educating the American people about the problems & the solutions, and to mobilize Americans across the nation into effective action, detailed at, and at the Constitution Party website linked immediately below.

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Proof of Vote Manipulation by Computer Votefraud against Jim Condit Jr. in the 2010 race for Congress against Speaker of the House John Boehner -- 33,000 votes stolen 20 minutes AFTER the "Final Count" was reported! See the Screen shots!


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The Constitution Party Platform can be found here:


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Jim Condit Jr. coordinated the signature campaigns in 1996 and 2000 to get Howard Phillips, founder of the Constitution Party, on the ballot for President in the state of Ohio

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For a Positive Action Program to restore
True Freedom to the USA, see the following website:


This Action Program deals with:

* Implement The Precinct Strategy * Revitalize the 2nd Amendment * Restore Transparent Elections

* Combat the Media Monopoly * Defeat the Police State * Return to Constitutional Money

* Support a basically Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy (Friends with all nations, when possible, entangling alliances with none, as some of the Founding Fathers explicitly envisioned.)

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 If you are not an American citizen , or if you want to donate through a corporation -- you can NOT donate to the congressional campaign -- but you can help our day to day operations and our educational work. (This applies also to American citizens who would rather not appear in political donation reports, which congressional candidates are required to file. See the link to the left "Contribute" or "Contact Info".)


Keep in touch by signing up for our Network America Ewire by going to the bottom of the Home Page at -- filling in your email -- and responding to the confirmation email you will get a few seconds to a few minutes later. Then you are subscribed! (The Confirmation email is necessary because of all the spammers; this protects you from being signed up by somebody else against your will or without your knowledge.

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Tragically, former College Quarterback, former Sheriff, former Congressman, 7 years a political prisoner, Folk Hero, "America's Last Minute Man", - the Honorable Jim Traficant, passed away September 27, 2014 after a reported serious tractor accident on his family farm four days earlier. The last major interview on a major AM Talk radio station with Jim Traficant was conducted on WKRC-AM on May 4, 2014 -- and you can hear it below. It aired thanks to the generous contributions of you generous supporters. Many said they "really got to know" Traficant while listening to this interview. He will be the symbol of righteous resistance to tyranny as we all try to carry on. There is no one around in the freedom movement who can adequately replace this man as far as his charisma, his voice, his track record, and his leadership.


Thanks for listening and for all the calls from around the nation for our Sunday, May 4, 2014 Radio Show!

Thanks! We did it. Stay Tuned.
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              Host: Jim Condit Jr.                       Guest: Hon. Jim Traficant - RIP

You can hear the Sunday Night May 4th, 2014 Radio Show
with Jim Traficant & Jim Condit Jr. on YouTube at this link:

  Listen Here :

The late, great Jim Traficant's website:
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Click Here - Listen to the One Minute Radio Ad with Traficant
and Then, if You Can, help us reach the goal at "Donate to the Radio Ads Campaign" link immediately below --  
 The Radio Ad May Take a minute to Load, then press the "back" button after audio is done playing 


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My Warning Letter Putting Clear Channel Radio and the FCC on Notice
If Clear Channel messes with My Sunday Night Radio Show, I'm filing for WKRC's FCC License
This is a PDF document; click on link above and open

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The top Goals of the late Jim Traficant's Project Freedom USA still are: Abolish IRS; Replace FED with honest National Monetary Office. and More
 --Sponsored by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2014
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